Alton Brown’s Stinkin’ Dog Treats, Pt. 2: The Reaction

I think the tail wag says it all!
I think the tail wag says it all!


Day Two: Still loving them
Day Two: Still loving them


The treats are successful! The dogs love them.

Dog Rating:

1 = Celery (they both hate it)

10 = Bully Stick (their fav–dried beef tendon!)

Dog Rating: 8

This morning they clearly took a bully stick over a biscuit, but they gobble these up happily and will also enter their crates if we lure them in with these.  It would have been a 9, but Snap and Loki both appear uncertain of how hard they are.  Perhaps next time, we won’t let them rest in the oven as long.

Human rating: 7.5

These were easy to make and the dogs seem to love them. The only drawbacks were the sticky dough and smell.  Overall, this is a great dog biscuit recipe.

Yep. We’ve got some happy dogs on our hands.


I'm still waiting for my treats...
I’m still waiting for my treats…

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