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Hi!  We’re Sarah and Brian, and we live in the (mostly) woods surrounded by (mostly) awesome fur babies.

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The Mean Yet Needy Pet: Cookie

I got Cookie my first year teaching.  Her parents moved out to California and left her and her bro, Oreo-Now-Boots, at a kennel.  I adopted her and my parents adopted her brother.   She’s nine, making her the oldest fur baby, and she is also  likely to kill you in your sleep and then want to cuddle you…yep, I went there.

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The Localized Catastrophe of Fluff: Layla

Brian and his friends adopted Layla when she was just a kitten from the mean streets of the Baltimore SPCA.  She spent the first year or two living with what I can only imagine was a group of loud, quirky, loving, and incredibly nerdy boys.  Needless to say, aside from her remarkable ability to produce more hairballs than any other cat known to man, she is pretty well-adjusted…except for the fact that she enjoys eating loaves of bread and chewing through bananas…

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The Mischievous One: Loki

Loki really took after his namesake and his birthday, April 1.  He’s mischievous, yet oddly lovable.  We adopted him once we moved to our house out in the woods.  His favorite pastimes include finding underwear from the laundry basket and tearing them apart, chasing down the cats, and stealing whatever he can from any table top, counter, etc.  He is a one year old German Shepherd, Black Lab mix.

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The Baby-Baby: Snap

Our little Snap Dragon has been with us since the beginning of June 2014.  She was rescued from a hoarder in West Virginia and then spent some time in foster care.   She is lovable, but a total hound, which means she follows her nose into trouble more often than not.  Despite being a little under one-third the size of Loki–it’s the Basset in her–she is the dominant dog.  We also think she may have gone through tactical training, which gives her a leg up in playtime and food theft.

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